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Metaphysical Existentialist Pseudoscientific Psychobabble

My thoughts. My emotions. My actions. My spirit. My divinity. My humanity.

samira al thores
I am on a wonderful journey. I explore philosophy, practice j'hana yoga & garden. I enjoy the companionship of thoughtful friends. I am conscious of the environment and honor the earth. I have a fulfilling and rewarding job. I travel frequently & enjoy ethnic, cultural & religious experiences.

My doctorate is in "computational science and engineering," and I am a practicing chemist/engineer working in a national laboratory. My research focus is utilization of renewable resources for value-added products.

Samira al Thores is a journey in the original uncreated reality. It is about the experience of the universal energy of a human being. Thoughts. Feelings. Actions. Humanity. Divinity.

alternate religions, alternative energy, alternative lifestyles, ayn rand, baroque, baroque music, books, camping, carl sagan, chaos, chemistry, clean energy, climate change, coffee, cooking, creative nonfiction, crystals, dietary supplements, duality, earth, ecodefense, ecological restoration, ecology, ecopaganism, emerson, energy, english ales, environment, environmental awareness, environmentalism, eternity, existentialism, farmer's market, feminism, feng shui, forests, gaia, gardening, geology, green, henry purcell, herbal medicine, herbs, hiking, historical fiction, history, holistic health, horseback riding, humanist, infinity, intelligent conversation, intentional communities, juicing, jung, kant, local produce, locavore, loreena mckennitt, maslow, medieval, meister eckhart, minimalist living, moon, mysticism, mythology, natural, naturalist, nature, nature preserves, nature writing, new age, nirvana, one, order, organic, organic living, orienteering, over 40, performance poetry, permaculture, philosophy, poetry, power, psychology, quantum cosmology, radical simplicity, recycling, religion, renewable resources, robert heinlein, sacred balance, sacred geometry, sailing, science, self discovery, self reliant, self-sufficiency, simple living, simplicity, solar power, spirituality, stars, stimulating conversations, sun, sustainability, sustainable living, tao te ching, tarot, the power of myth, thoreau, thunderstorms, transcendentalism, travel, universal energy, urban shamanism, vegan, vegetable gardening, vegetables, vegetarian, visionary experiences, voluntary simplicity, water resource management, wearing socks with sandals, wholistic health, wilderness, wildlife management, wine, women in suits, yoga, zazen, zen, zen buddhism, zero