catching up

Okay...it takes a while to read and catch up on everyone's journal even logging in twice a week. So be it.

I'm currently driving this "party in a box on wheels" since Chrysler redesigned the convertibles and my 2008 has a major malfunction that has it in the shop for weeks and no use of the top while I can drive it intermittently. My 1998 lasted 10 years. The 2008 less than two years; thanks for NOTHING, Chrysler. You can stuff your "redesign" back into the stupid hole it came from.

Now that I've got *that* off my chest; on to beautiful garden veggie pictures!
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That's all folks, I'm off to the nursery to see if I can pick up cheap mature plants to complete the corner of the deck.

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This is the first post from the library free wifi. The connections slower, but not too bad. I updated all my network protection software and the VPN for when I do online financial stuff.

Now, onto the pictures:
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so far, successful internet at the library. I found a new author writing historical fiction about elizabethan england, and Alexa got me onto Patterson's Women's Murder Club: easy reads.

internet less at home

Did it. No DSL at home. Get some stuff like email on the crackberry. Posting will be shorter but longer with picture as I have to schedule time to find wifi or go to library. I tend to go to library at least once a week. It's an experiment.