samira al thores (samiraalthores) wrote,
samira al thores

I'm feeling unaccountably sad today.

I started taking a different anti-inflammatory temporarily while my back gets over the big squeeze. I successfully avoided a spasm by going to the firstcare to see our osha doc who gave me a muscle relaxer until could see PCP who then extended the meds. So I'm also taking a "new" muscle relaxer I've never taken before. It's warning label includes "seeing things that aren't there" - seriously. WTH? This is in addition to my RA drugs. Doc says the muscles are reacting to a flare-up in my ilia-sacral joint (?) to protect it. Great. In other health news, I'm doing wonderful.

Alexa is fantastic. The second set of epidural steroid shots quieted the disks and nerves. She is going back to work after they modify her workstation. She qualified for both short term and longterm disability insurance so the financial situation is not dire, only troubling. Insurance kicked in after she reached her deductible as well. She has started working out on weights with her physical therapist. Did you know that if you and I go into the hospital for the same procedure; the bills will be different depending on our individual insurance coverage? Interesting.

Work is chugging along. I'm up for the periodic research career review and if I score high enough, I'll get "reclassified" i.e. promoted. I got enough stuff so I'm feeling confident. Because the acting RL assignment last 120 days (25% of my time), I can claim it as one of ten accomplishments if I so desire. I may, but I may not need it there. I can record it under "additional information."

Up next: MYSTERY CUCURBITS revealed.

Well, the vines are dying back so I'm harvesting. I'll have to cut into them and maybe taste.
Tags: garden, health, life, sad, yoga

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