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Planted fall greens (lettuce, spinach, kale) and root crops (beets, carrots) before I went to Boston. Alexa was conscientious about watering the seeds and now we have beet greens popping up. Gonna pull the squash that hasn't fruited. Drying herbs: sage, thyme, oregano, mint, lemon balm. The mystery cucurbit is still full of mystery. The first fruit looked like a pumpkin before dying. The second fruit looks gourdy with green and white stripes and is huge (tentatively identified as a zucca napoli). The third fruit on the same vine looks like a trombomillii(sp?). On a separate vine, what we thought was a cucumber is the shape of a pear and is fuzzy. ?Quien sabe?

The lemon tree is BEARING! Yes, the green fruit which has been there for (it seems like) a year has turned yellow! The first lemon dropped and was a bit bitter. Been watering frequently through the development so have high hopes.

Picked up tea. Jasmine. Jade Dragon. Ayuvedic chai. Macha.

Nor'easter blew in Boston and we had 4 days of rain so my doorway of boston picture post blew up from lack of photos.

I'm tired. Need sleep.

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