October 12th, 2010


career and life

1) I had a great year, scientifically speaking. I got 4 publications; 3 with my postdoc and 1 with a collaborator. I got a 5 out of 5 rating and a cash bonus.

2) I decided not to apply for the Research Leader job as it would drive me crazy and/or kill me. I'm dealing with the angst of dealing with others' expectations concerning my decision not to apply. Yes, I would make a good RL. Yes, I think people would be, overall, satisifed with my leadership. Yes, I can motivate people. Yes, I can make the tough decisions. The time is not right. No, I can not work for the current management team. Sorry.

3) I'm feeling like I should have been more authoritarian with my postdoc who finishes up this month. However, I can only lead to water, not make him drink. Finit.

4) I've been a funk for a few weeks or months. Unmotivated. Headachy. Blah. Body aches.

5) I think I need more structure - not subject to changes.
5a. One important one is having a day to myself. I really need the time to think, to ponder, to observe, to be with myself.
5b. One is sharing supper with Alexa- maybe only on Tuesdays and Fridays. Most other times, I'm having a bowl of soup or a sandwich or a bowl of cereal. Not really cooking. Not feeling like cooking after work.
5c. Another is exercise. Gotta get back into the gym. Seriously. Regularly. Not dependent on another's availability.
5d. Having one work day a week for home improvement projects except for emergency repairs etc.

6. My neck has been crackly. Pop.

7. No number 7 today.

8. Not having internet at the house means going to the coffee store or the library. It's okay. Not spending $40 is good too.

9. Thinking about getting rid of maid service. Monthly it's $70. The reasons for maid service don't exist now. I can get down and get the wood floors and use a swifter to get cobwebs. I have a lot more time now than I did when I was a workaholic.

10. I sold my telly and the old tivo for $10 at the garage sale. Now to find a work of art to place where they were on the built-in bookshelf.

11. I'm currently reading Patterson books. They're interesting for the most part.

12. Insurance premiums are going up 7.5% in 2011.

13. I have to go to the dentist for my tooth which is painful consistently now. I think I broke it on a nut two weeks ago.

14. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons along with Winter, Spring and Summer.